Customer-specific loading systems for AC microLine® expl. #1

High-Tech Automation Components –
Customized Solutions for the highest Productivity and Precision



Loading aid specially developed for large fine grinding systems:

  • Tried and tested automation concept for work pieces with a thickness of 0.7 mm and more
  • Automated loading and unloading of carrier wheels
  • Machine operator is assisted
  • Optimization of tolerances due to constant process cycle

Optional equipment:

  • Carrier wheel loading automaton for bulk material parts
  • Measuring of incoming work pieces and rejection of bad parts
  • Post process measurement of work pieces for documenting the processing quality and controlling the machine process


PETER WOLTERS Automation Solutions

Our automation components for Fine Grinding machines of the PETER WOLTERS AC microLine® series are based on practical development thus giving maximum benefit to the user.

To realize customized application solutions, a large choice of modular existing and established solutions are available in hard- and software. The customer determines the degree of automation by selecting the necessary modules. The module technology enables cost and time effective engineering step-by-step even for complex systems.

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