DDG 450 / 600

Double-Disk Grinding / Thru-Feed Grinding

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DDG 450 / 600 - The Main Technical Characteristics:

  • Double-sided Surface Grinding to Perfection

    Highly competitive, with its space saving footprint, high precision and extremely cost effective design. The double-disk surface grinding machines in the new DDG product range from PETER WOLTERS offer economic effectiveness at its best.

    Where ever a simultaneous grinding of parallel surfaces is required for a variety of work pieces. Two models, one pledge: long lasting precision from the first to the last part. Even under the harshest operating conditions. Various grinding processes are available for the machining of different work pieces.

    Features of the Machines DDG 450 / 600 

    • Tiltable, compact dressing system
    • Vertical grinding spindle arrangement
    • CBN and diamond grinding wheels optional use
    • Minimal space requirement
    • Modern, ergonomic construction
    • Options
      • Rotary throughfeed grinding
      • Linear throughfeed grinding
    • Automation solutions for loading and unloading to specific customer requirements
    • High axial and flexural strength of the machine design
    • Feed motion of the grinding tool electromechanical, infinitely controllable
    • Grinding spindle head saddle feed with re-tensioned anti friction slideway
    • Highly accessible tilting points
    • Dressing tool feed motion is electromechanical with infinitely variable control of feed motion speed
    • Totally enclosed working space
    • Stable foundation plate
    • Adjustable slideways
    • Cooling lubricant feed through the centre of the grinding spindle
    • Integrated measurement control (Option)
    • Grinding wheel position controller
    • Extremely low and easy maintenance
    • Easy maintenance construction
  • Customer Benefits at a Glance:

    • Maximum dressing accuracy, simple tool change
    • High performance (optional controllable rotational speed), flexibility with feed solutions
    • Long service life, safeguards investment through changeover capability
    • Easy integration into existing and new production lines, low space costs
    • Very good accessibility, very easy to service, safe and simple operation
    • Through choice of the grinding operation optimal accommodation of accuracy requirements and throughput
    • Reduction of piece part and operator costs
    • High process stability over the machine service life
    • Variable control for optimal tool wear compensation
    • Process stability
    • Simple and accurate change of tilting during the process
    • Variable control for maximum flexibility
    • Maximum operator safety
    • Low oscillation and low vibration operation, durable, safeguards investment
    • Easy adjustment for different work pieces
    • Optimum cooling lubricant distribution in the critical grinding zone
    • Maximum process stability and control
    • Tool wear compensation of the lower grinding wheel for maximum accuracy
    • Minimal operating running costs
    • Minimal service expenditure
  • Intelligent process oriented visual display system

    • ddg-controll-all Detailed diagrammatic representation of the process parameters
    • Detailed diagrammatic representation of the process parameters
    • SPS control of all main functions
    • Additional modem connection available
    • Safety shut-down
    • Intuitive, easy operability
    • Support of the process visual display and optimization
    • Complete overviews of the operating and maintenance procedures for simple diagnosis
    • Real-time support direct on the machine
    • Monitoring of all critical components and functions

  • DDG 450 / 600 – The Main Technical Characteristics


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